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Netflix cancel cuties Controversy . What about tlc network and child beauty pageants ?

watch the full video (click here )
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Homeless man charged with felony for underpaying a Mountain Dew by 43 cents

Wow this can’t be real 

Birdman explains kissing lil Wayne on big facts podcast I was in the streets

Birdman Explains why he was kissing lil Wayne "he's my son , I was in the streets , I might not come home"  Source big facts podcast

Stephen A. Ben Simmons You Cant Shoot Scored 5 Points, You Havent Put In Enough Work To Make Demands

watch the full video here  Stephen a. Smith goes off on Ben Simmons

Gilbert Arenas tells Stephen a smith I didn't like you for pocket watching my $111m contract bruh

Source- selftalk  selftalkyoutube

Rick Ross buying land

Rappers buying land Rick Ross has 350 ACRES young thug has 100 acres  click this link to watcb the video  

Funk flex goes off on Charlamagne Tha god defends kwame brown for calling Charlamagne out for Jessica Reid

You a weirdo- funk flex