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reading bs like this makes me sick lol


Kwame brown dunk highlight is a joke to Lakers announcer

Lakers announcer cracking jokes instead of praising kwame dunk and getting hyped smh  full video here

charlamagne tha God & jessica reid court documents

These are all the court documents i found  Video of jessica reid mom speaking here  click this link to watch the video Full video on kwame brown bust life YouTube channel Source-

prime shaq vs prime wilt who's winning ?

Prime shaq vs prime wilt who's winning in a game of 21?? 

Kwame brown responds to Stephen a Smith comments about jamarcus Russell

Kwame brown responds to Stephen a Smith Reckless comments about jamarcus Russell  click here to watch the full video

Jason whitlock exposes Stephen a Smith ties to the go alone get along gang

Jason whitlock came into the defense of kwame brown with receipts about Stephen a Smith history   watch the full video here

kwame brown finding out Stephen a Smith was going to high schools talking about him

Kwame brown shocked Stephen a Smith went to high schools talking about him  full video here

The Suns Ended Lakers' LeBron James Streak

The Suns now advance to the second round, and the Lakers will not get a chance to defend their NBA Championship For the first time in his career, LeBron James has lost a first round playoff series. He was 14-0 heading into this postseason.

Stepehen A Smith Buck Dancing Again Goes Off On "NFL BUST " Jamarcus Russell

Stephen a Smith is a clown full video here  click this link to watch the video

kwame brown live with Craig Hodges speaks on Stephen a Smith Calling him Broke on tv with out reaching out to him on why he wasnt in the last dance documentary

Stephen a Smith back at it again buck dancing disrespecting another black athlete with out reaching out to him  watch the full video here

metta world peace ron artest speaks on the dirty truth how sports agents and media make you feel like your trash

metta world peace ron artest speaks on the dirty truth about sports media and NBA agents  full video here

metta world peace speaks on Kwame brown defense says shaq couldnt move him

Metta world speaks on kwame brown defense  full video here

Stepehen A Smith Walks Off Set Disgusted With Black Athletes Not Speaking Up For Black Coaches

Stephen a Smith walks off set disgusted by black NBA players like lebron james for not speaking up for Black NBA Coaches To Be In The NBA  video here click this link

Stephen a Smith doesnt care about mental health and drug addiction issues towards black athletes

Stephen a Smith is the only one In this take that shows distaste towards josh gordon for leaving the Patriots to focus on his mental health and drug addiction problems.  Stepehen a Smith simply says hes sick of him and sick of him getting opportunities.  Its honestly sickening to hear his comments about josh Gordon mental health issues and Stephen a Smith says his drug addiction is his fault?? Wowwwwwwwwwwww he didnt say this about josh hamilton.. his comments on josh Hamilton was .. hes a good guy  watch the full video here

matt barnes drove 95 miles to fight Derek Fisher and didnt throw any punches 🤦🏾‍♂️

Matt barnes details the night he drove 95 miles to fight Derek fisher  full video here

how Stephen a reports when Lamar odom lands a job with the knicks

He actually said this on live tv. At the time this was only rumors of lamar being on crack.  Lamar Odom when this video was reported never spoke about his drug usage to the public .  full video here

stepehen A. Smith Says He Suffers From Depression

Stephen A. Smith Opens Up About His Mental Health Battle: ‘I’ve Been Devastatingly Depressed’ During Tuesday morning’s  First Take  on ESPN,  Stephen A. Smith  confirmed he believes athletes should be required to fulfill their media obligations, but he also applauded Osaka for speaking out. “You have media obligations, they are a part of your contractual obligations,” Smith said. “Because the media is what enables the sport to be promoted, and the promotion of the sport is what generates the revenue … And as a result, that’s what ultimately assists in the athletes getting paid the money that they get paid.” “But that doesn’t mean we shred our humanity and ignore the profound impact that mental health issues have and exist with all of us,” the ESPN host added. Smith explained that June 1, 2021 is the four-year anniversary of his mother’s death. “I do not want to be here,” Smith said. “But I have a job, I signed up and the NBA Playoffs are going on and people expect to hear from me.” “It

Kwame brown Speaks On Stephen a. Smith wearing a black power jacket

Kwame brown speaks stepehen a Smith wearing a blm jacket  full video here

kwame brown responds to Stephen a Smith on how he covers black athletes

Kwame brown speaks on how Stephen a Smith disrespects black athletes  only and how espn uses him full video here  full video here

Stephen a Smith and micheal jordan silenced Silenced Kwame brown

Stephen a smith and his boy mj Silenced kwame brown and he still doesnt know why 20 years later...full video here  click here for video