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Stephen Jacksons responds and throws shade at Kwame brown or karceno4life

Stephen Jackson made a story post last night  Hes talking about kwame brown or karceno4life who both reacted to  my video Stephen Jackson calling out black people Karceno4life  video here Kwame brown Reacts to karceno4life  video here

where's kwame brown ?:(

Kwame brown went live yesterday and told everyone his internet is out Hes fine !!! He unboxed shoes for his shoe drive coming up august 3rd and August 4th. He showed and promoted alot of small business that sent him merch & items to his po box . Kwame brown is okay  kwame brown says his internet is out hes okay full video here

Milwaukee Bucks Win 2021 NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo Named MVP

Milwaukee Bucks Win 2021 NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo Named MVP  the historic performance by Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Phoenix Suns to secure the franchise's first championship in over 40 years.  Giannis now finds himself in a rarified company as one of the only players to win regular-season MVP, Finals MVP, and Defensive Player of the Year.  

mysonne calls out hassan Campbell for speaking on kwame brown and other men with no receipts or facts looking for clout scamming

Mysonne went live on his youtube channel and spoke about Hassan Campbell speakin on other men and scamming  click here to watch the video

charlamagne admits he was purposely making dolls do gay acts for his own trolling pleasures even during serious topics

A supporter sent Kwame brown a donation about the dolls breakfast club has in their videos in sexual positions  When kwame brown read the shoee chat donation he was appalled how a patch eyed demon could do something like that on a syndicated radio show and tv show that has a kid audience and seems to be pushing a "gay agenda" allegedly. Theres nothing wrong with being gay! we shouldn't have to announce what we are and what we do behind closed doors to the media!!  In 2021. The media should do a better job at pushing trade schools and coding and other ways to help kids & low income families. It seems a though word got back to charlamagne about kwame brown and self talk video because this has been going on for years!! . the video I found about the dolls is when ctg was talking about nipsey hussle's killer Eric holder(rip nip)!. If you look closely behind ctg he had dolls behind him giving each other head !! . Ctg and breakfast club are some weirdos. Keep in mind the

Donnell Rawlings speaks on charlamagne tha God disrespectful gay behavior

Donnell Rawlings Went To the Joe Rogan Podcast and talks to  joe rogan about his relationship with charlamagne. Hes goes in depth about the viral video of charlamagne tha God giving him a mold of his ass as a gift for a  Christmas present.Joe Rogan found it funny but also said  that's going  too far ,he wouldn't do something like that ! Click the link to watch the full video  charlamagne tha God gay behavior explained

Hassan Campbell fight he calls kwame brown out for a fight

 Hassan Campbell calls out former nba player kwame brown out for a fight ( hassan campbell calls kwame brown our for a fight  )because kwame brown didn’t accept his half ass apology Kwame brown disagreed with the way Hassan went about using his large platform to speak on kwame brown. Kwame brown says a man wouldn’t speak with out knowing first . Hassan Campbell disagrees and says he thinks celebrities and everyone who’s apart of the “elites” are all the same. Kwame brown was trying to inform Hassan he’s been speaking the same message for years before he got on YouTube ! Another big YouTuber  Ticket tv chimed and vouched for kwame brown and said he followed kwame brown before he got on YouTube via Facebook and kwame brown has been speaking the same message before he got on YouTube . Unfortunately this disagreement led to a grown man (Hassan Campbell) calling kwame brown out for a fight because kwame brown wouldn’t accept his apology watch the full video  here  

ESPN's Maria Taylor Breaks Silence on Rachel Nichols Scandal

  ESPN's Maria Taylor issued her first public statements since co-worker Rachel Nichols was heard on  leaked audio  insinuating Taylor earned her NBA Finals hosting job because she's Black. Following The New York Times' article covering fallout at ESPN over the matter and Nichols'  removal  from the NBA Finals sideline coverage, Taylor addressed the public for the first time since the scandal. "During the dark times I always remember that I am in this position to open doors and light the path that others walk down," Taylor wrote on Instagram and Twitter. "I've taken some punches but that just means I'm still in the fight. Remember to lift as you climb and always KEEP RISING." Following the leaked audio, Rachel Nichols was replaced by Malika Andrews as the new sideline reporter for the NBA Finals despite issuing a public during Monday's episode of "The Jump." The recent scandal comes as Taylor's contract with ESPN is set to e

Rachel Nichols no longer NBA Finals sideline reporter amid Maria Taylor drama

Rachel Nichols will not be the sideline reporter for ESPN during the nba finals when the Phoenix Suns take on the Bucks, the company announced Monday. Nichols will host "The Jump" throughout the NBA Finals while Malika Andrews will get to be the sideline reporter during the championship Nichols was the sideline reporter in the Orlando bubble for last season’s NBA Finals. She replaced Doris Burke last year after Burke had spent 11 years covering the Finals from the sideline. The replacement came after Nichols’ dig at colleague Maria Taylor surfaced in a New York Times story over the weekend. Taylor will be the pregame and halftime host for the NBA Finals on "NBA Countdown" alongside Jalen Rose and Jay Williams. "We believe this is best decision for all concerned in order to keep the focus on the NBA Finals. Rachel will continue to host The Jump," ESPN  Source -fox news