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Judge Joe Brown Speaks On His Issue With The Breakfast Club LGBTQ Agenda To Kwame Browm

watch the full video here 

kwame brown and judge joe brown speaks on the real charlamagne

Judge joe brown speaks on the real charlamagne  watch the video here - click this link Watch the full live on kwame channel judge was dropping alot of gems we dont get to hear in todays time!! Kwame did a great job speaking with judge and letting him talk ! I hope this leads kwame to starting a podcast judge joe brown was comfortable just speaking how he feels if he went to the breakfast club or any other network they would of cut his interview down , probably wouldn't of aired it , or controlled  a narrative.  Much love kwame and judge joe brown ✊🏿

kwame brown judge joe brown Roast cardi b and lizzo

Judge joe brown has some words for cardi b and lizzo  click the link to watch the video